Monthly Archives: June 2008

Philadelphia, PA

I’m the worst blogger ever. Here are photos from Philadelphia. I took them last December. A thousand apologies for my tardiness in sharing.
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Listen to my brother's music!


My brother, a budding young musician who also happens to be fluent in Uzbek, finally recorded some of his fantastic acoustic guitar songs and put them up on myspace. (You don’t need a myspace account to listen)

Take a listen and pass along to any famous producer friends who may be looking to sign an Eden.

Website Hiccups

I finally finished moving my old blog over to WordPress. Unfortunately, there have been some hiccups. I’ve taken so many pictures that some of my photo files have the same number. So random photos are turning up in the wrong places. Pictures of Syracuse are popping up in the middle of Ireland. I’m describing the Leaning Tower of Pisa while showing you a photo of my dog.
Bear with me, it’ll take a little while to track down the offenders and replace them with the proper pictures.

If you happen to find one, please leave a comment on the post or send me an email and I’ll be on it like Fox news on a house fire.