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America’s Best Wedding Photographers – The Unofficial Guide

It’s no secret that I spent more time and energy searching for a wedding photographer than many people spend searching for a bride. I easily screened 100 portfolios before I narrowed the field to a handfull of ¬†favorites.

Why so much trouble? Of all the things you buy for your wedding, the photos are the only thing that lasts. So I was a little (ok, a lot) picky about choosing a great photographer.

Since the Great American Wedding Photographer Hunt, I’ve had a few friends ask for ¬†recommendations. So, I figured I’d share some of my favorites.

First – a disclaimer. My criteria was: an eye for photojournalism, a range of talent (from macro details to sweeping wide angle views, from black and white, to vivid color) and a willingness to travel to Baltimore. Because of that last requirement, most of these photographers are based in the North East, although I did stumble across a few other great photographers from further West.

Without further adieu, here are my favorites:

Susan Stripling, New York

I can’t possibly recommend Susan enough. Her images are stunning, her colors are vibrant, and she was a joy to spend our wedding day with. (Don’t underestimate the importance of this last point. You spend a LOT of your day with your photographer, so make sure your personalities are a good match). If you’d like a reference for Susan, I’d be happy to answer any questions.

(in no particular order)

Punam Bean, New York

Cliff Mautner, Philadelphia

Shane Carpenter, Baltimore

Kevin Hulett, Utah

Kevin shot my friend Helen’s wedding in Paris. He did a great job, and he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

Pen / Carlson, Chicago

LemonLime Photography, Kansas City

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