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Ireland Day 1 – Dublin


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Everyone told me how green Ireland is. And they were right! As soon as I stepped on the Aer Lingus plane, everything was green. The seats were green. The flight attendants’ uniforms were green. And, thanks to the in-flight meal, even the passengers were green.

After dinner, four flight attendants sauntered through the cabin armed with teapots, asking at each row, “Tea? Tea? Tea?” They sounded like a flock of very confused birds.

When they got to the front of the plane, a large black man responded “Yes?”

It was Mr. T.

(You’re full of crap. -Editor)

The flight, which left at 7pm Baltimore time, landed at 6:30 am Ireland time. I slept on the plane not at all. Thursday would be a long, tired day.

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I’m very excited to introduce A new and improved home for my blog.

Why the change? The program that I had been using for blogging, iWeb, is a collossal pain in the ass to update. (Which is why I’ve been such an absentee blogger of late).
So the blog is now powered by WordPress.

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