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The Baltimore Sun: Brian Eden should get a raise.

Elizabeth Large, restaurant critic for the Baltimore Sun has publicly called for my Art Director, Helen, and I to get a raise.

An excerpt from her recent blog post:

“Whoever came up with those days of the week on the Baltimore Summer Restaurant Week Web site ought to get a raise.

I agree wholeheartedly.

For anyone who’s hungry, here’s the website for Baltimore’s Summer Restaurant Week. Make reservations early – the good ones book up fast.

PS. I’ll be spending Yumday at The Black Olive.

My Sweet New Belt Buckle


A little shameless self-promotion, courtesy of Washington DC artist, Jon Wye .

Breaking News: Walmart Rips Off Blog For New Corporate Identity

Today, Walmart unveiled a new corportae logo and color scheme.


It looks somehwhat familiar, no?

The rounded modern typeface.

The soft blue primary color.

The yellow accent color on the icon that represents…

An asshole?

Come to think of it, maybe it is a pretty good logo.

My brother will blow your mind out of your head.

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Eden

My brother, Jeff Eden, has just posted his latest music project on myspace. (You don’t have to have a myspace account to listen.) Continue reading

Celebration to night, indeed.

Someone has finally posted Brian and the Eden’s music online. I can not begin to tell you how happy this makes me.

Please enjoy the musical stylings of my Euro-pop alter-ego.

Ireland Day 6 – Dingle Penninsula


Like the Pictures? Buy the Prints. For more Ireland photos, visit Brian Eden’s gallery.


This morning I packed up and checked out of the Kenmare Bay Hotel for a trip around the Dingle Penninsula. The Dingle Penninsula is similar to the Ring of Kerry, but it features, among other things, a much sillier name.
Continue reading