My brother will blow your mind out of your head.

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Eden

My brother, Jeff Eden, has just posted his latest music project on myspace. (You don’t have to have a myspace account to listen.)

On this new album, Jeff alternates between the solo Banjo and the solo Kyrgyz Komuz.

On the Banjo, he plays with a self-taught finger-picking technique, which merges the traditional 2-finger Clawhammer Banjo style with a new picking style of his own invention. This new style is called “crazymothafuckinbanjopicking.” Or something like that.

Jeff’s new project also features songs on the solo Kyrgyz Komuz, an ancient string instrument from Kyrgyztan. The Komuz is similar to a lute. It has only three strings and no frets. In addition, of all the known string instruments in the world, the Kyrgyz Komuz makes the boldest use of the “And Sometimes Y” rule.

I am continually awed that someone from the same gene pool has this much talent and coordination. Especially as I’ve just spilled chicken all over my tee shirt no more than 20 minutes ago.

Jeff’s “Music for Banjo and Kyrgyz Komuz” is wonderfully exotic and unlike anything I’ve ever heard. And that’s saying a lot, because I’m a very good listener. Just ask my girlfriend, whatserface.

Please take a listen and then try to say “Kyrgyz Komuz” ten times fast.

Jeff Eden’s Music for Solo Kyrgyz Komuz and Solo Banjo.

As always, feel free to make Jeff your myspace friendster and pass along his website to any famous music producer friends.

And if you missed it the first time around, here is Jeff’s Music for Solo Acoustic Guitar:

Jeff Eden’s Music for Solo Guitar

As long as I’m handing out plugs like Radio Shack, if you like the photo above, it was taken by my talented photographer father, Lawrence Eden. You can admire and purchase prints of his photography here:

Lawrence Eden Photography

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go spray more Shout on my tee shirt.

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