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Fries put in their place.

My good friend Mark attempts the near-impossible task of ranking French Fries by style.

Jasa Kabob in Canton: A very brief and half-assed report.

Sorry for the delay. Here’s the dirt on Canton’s new Jasa Kabob from last week.

I brought the Styrofoam container home and opened it up to discover golf-ball-sized chunks of marinated lamb and chicken, a side salad, basmati rice topped with spicy chickpeas, two containers of an herby yogurt sauce and a large round of naan bread. The lamb was as perfectly cooked as any you’ll find.

The chicken was spicy, juicy and perfect. The naan was soft and not-at-all greasy like some I’ve tried. I’ll definitely be going back to try the chicken tikka.

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Music Mondays: Landon Pigg, The Swell Season, Alexi Murdoch

A special Music Monday selection for my special someone. Happy 2 years, Love.

Landon Pigg: Falling in love at a coffee shop
You may recognize this song from the DeBeers commercial.

You can buy the track at itunes here.

The Swell Season: Falling Slowly
The Oscar nominated song from the film Once. Here are Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova performing the song on Letterman:

You can buy the track on iTunes here.

Alexi Murdoch: All of my days
You may recognize this one from the movie Away We Go.

Get the track on iTunes here.

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Music Mondays: Zee Avi, Rhett Miller, Hayes Carll

Trying something new on the blog: Music Mondays.

Every Monday (or so) I’ll post a few of the artists that I’ve been digging lately. I’ll try to keep it on the obscure side so you might actually hear something you’ve never heard. I hope you enjoy.

Today’s tracks:

Zee Avi: Bitter Heart.
She’s opening for Pete Yorn on his current tour. (Rams Head Live July 21).

Here’s a link to her track on the iTunes store.

Rhett Miller: Fireflies
I couldn’t find a video for any of the songs from Rhett’s new self-titled album, so here’s a brilliant track from his last album, The Believer. The song is a duet with Rachel Yamagata.

Here’s a link to Fireflies track on the iTunes Store

Hayes Carll: Beaumont
Hayes Carll toured with Rhett Miller and the Old 97s last year. I learned about him from an ad on facebook. What are the odds?

Here’s a link to Beaumont track on the iTunes store

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I walked into the bathroom at the Daily Grind and washed my hands.

I turned off the sink, stepped over to the paper towel dispenser and waved my hand in front of it.

Nothing happened.

I waved at it again.

Still nothing.

A man never feels more humbled than the moment he realizes that he’s been waving at a manual paper towel dispenser.

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Natty's not so sure about the new hibiscus plant

A new hibiscus flower blossomed overnight. From Natty’s reaction, you would’ve thought an alien had landed in the yard.

Part 1:

Part 2:

(This moment brought to you by the iPhone 3Gs video camera.)

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Human behavior is weird.

What inspires someone to write the lyrics to “I am the walrus” above the urinal?

Jasa Kabob in Canton is open!

At long last, there is ethnic food on Canton Square!

Jasa Kabob opened today in the former Py space with delicious grill smoke wafting out the front window. I picked up a take-out menu. Some nice looking dishes. Chicken, lamb and beef kabobs, curries, chicken and beef tikka, samosas, a few flavors of naan (one stuffed with ground beef, another with marinated potato) and daily meat and vegetarian specials for seven bucks and change.It’s a bigger menu than you’d expect for such a small space. The website isn’t live yet but it’ll be at when it’s ready to go.

Most of the menu is between $8-$12. I’m planning on going tonight for a test drive. I’ll report back.