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Music Mondays: Zee Avi, Rhett Miller, Hayes Carll

Trying something new on the blog: Music Mondays.

Every Monday (or so) I’ll post a few of the artists that I’ve been digging lately. I’ll try to keep it on the obscure side so you might actually hear something you’ve never heard. I hope you enjoy.

Today’s tracks:

Zee Avi: Bitter Heart.
She’s opening for Pete Yorn on his current tour. (Rams Head Live July 21).

Here’s a link to her track on the iTunes store.

Rhett Miller: Fireflies
I couldn’t find a video for any of the songs from Rhett’s new self-titled album, so here’s a brilliant track from his last album, The Believer. The song is a duet with Rachel Yamagata.

Here’s a link to Fireflies track on the iTunes Store

Hayes Carll: Beaumont
Hayes Carll toured with Rhett Miller and the Old 97s last year. I learned about him from an ad on facebook. What are the odds?

Here’s a link to Beaumont track on the iTunes store

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Pete Yorn's new album is out today!

Pete Yorn (Syracuse class of 1996) put out his new album, Back and Fourth, today. Check it out!


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