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Kayak for a Cause VI

I’m going to Kayak across Long Island Sound.

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Rhett Miller Concert and Other Stuff

Went to see Rhett Miller at the Black Cat in Washington DC Thursday night.

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Very Quick Post

Somehow the rains held off for Opening Day and the Orioles put up quite a showing. At least until tomorrow, the O’s are in first place and all is right in the world. Also, my “Jesus Hates the Yankees” shirt was a big hit at the game.jesushatestheyankees

The guy who tries to get you to sign up for a credit card to get the Orioles Beach Towel actually stopped his sales pitch, paused to read the shirt, and exclaimed, “Fuck YEAH, man. Fuck yeah.”

In other news, Natty got spayed today. But not without complication. First off, they had to pull her top canines out because they were supposed to fall out by now. Then they put me on speaker phone with the surgeon in the middle of surgery. He said that Natty has a birth defect and somehow her ovaries are a lot higher than they’re supposed to be. (I picture them in her elbows). Anyway, they had to make the incision bigger to get high enough to get out all of Natty’s junk. Which means an even more unhappy puppy when I come to pick her up tomorrow.

On the bright side, they put a microchip in her, so if she ever gets lost without her collar, the vet will be able to identify her. Also, I’ll be able to download MP3s.

FOOD UPDATE: Laziness prevails. Austin Grill for dinner.

Dog Day Afternoon. Dog Day Morning Too.

Natty’s getting spayed on Tuesday. So, in a last hurrah for her ovaries, she had the awesomest day ever yesterday.

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Baseball is in the Air

Check it out! It’s me and Orioles’ play-by-play guy, Jim Hunter!

Me and Jim Hunter

FOOD UPDATE: Blueberry smoothie for breakfast. Turkey sandwich and mixed greens salad with fresh sliced avocado over the top for lunch. And for dinner I seasoned a salmon filet with the Napa Valley seafood seasoning that I bought at Copia. I served it over a bed of cannellini beans dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and some fresh fennel fronds from the garden. Looked very impressive for being made up on the spot.

In Defense of Shit.

Why is shit such a bad word?

At some point, someone had to make a decision that, of all the millions of words in the English language, shit is one of about five that are inherently bad.

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Sticking it to the Man

I finally finished doing my taxes last night. Had dreams of getting tons of cash and rolling around in it while cackling maniacally. But my accountant said he’s filing my taxes electronically. Rolling around on my laptop while cackling maniacally just doesn’t seem the same. Regardless, I should be getting back a decent refund check. In your face, Whitey!

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Would You Rather?

Would you rather be able to run like a cheetah, but have an uncontrollable urge to chase cars
Swim like a dolphin, but smell like a fish?

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