Dog Day Afternoon. Dog Day Morning Too.

Natty’s getting spayed on Tuesday. So, in a last hurrah for her ovaries, she had the awesomest day ever yesterday.

In the morning, she went to the ASPCA March for the Animals at Druid Hill Park.Natty O'Malley

She stopped to smell the roses. Er, dandilions.

Natty flowers

She panted. A lot.

Natty Druid Hill Park

Then, she went to the Dog Beach at Quiet Water’s Park in Annapolis.

Natty Dog Beach

She was a bit skeptical about the whole water thing at first, just in case it turned out to be one giant bathtub.

Natty Dog Beach

But she got used to it. And Quick.

Natty Dog Beach

Turns out Natty is quite the litte beach bum.

Natty Annapolis

After drying off in the sun she went and protested outside of the Maryland State House. (The green sign in the background says “No Dogs Allowed.”)

Natty Annapolis

Natty Annapolis

And posed for some glamour shots along City Dock.

And for the perfect ending to the perfect doggy day, she got ice cream at Storm Brothers Home Made Ice Cream

FOOD UPDATE: McGarvey’s crab cake sandwich for dinner Sunday. On Saturday I did a mixed grill thing from Jamie Oliver’s Italy book.

Mixed Grill

I skewered some sea scallops and seasoned them with orange rosemary salt (a bit too much salt, but still pretty good). Then flavored the sardines with a bashed up basil olive oil lemon sauce. Turns out fresh sardines are good. I’ve never used them before. So much better than the stuff in the cans. The only tricky thing is, it’s hard to keep them from sticking to the grill. I lost one of them to the charcoals and bits and pieces of the other four are still stuck on the bars. Next time I’ll have to go heavier on the oil on the grate. Also, I might try his butterflied sardine recipe instead. They’re a little on the bone-y side.

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