About Brian Eden

Brian Eden began his advertising career as a Junior Copywriter with the now defunct Eisner Communications. While still funct, Brian earned recognition in national and international award shows including the Clios, London International Awards, Radio Mercury Awards, New York Festivals and Webby Awards, among others.

(By which he means both “among other award shows” and “among other people who also won these awards.”)

His work has earned his clients coverage in the Washington Post, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABC News, Adweek and AdAge, where he was named one of the industry’s “Roaring 20’s.”

In 2006, Brian realized his lifelong goal of becoming the #1 ranked Brian Eden on Google, narrowly edging out Brian Eden, Chairman of the Hillview Road Landfill Citizens Advisory Committee, Brian Eden, director of the Sioux Falls Trucking Association and Brian Eden, prison inmate convicted of two counts of mail fraud and money laundering in Ohio.

Brian has 359 facebook friends and a spotless ebay seller rating.

All of this recognition catapulted Brian Eden up the corporate ladder. First to “Full-Fledged Copywriter,” then to “Full-Fledged Senior Copywriter,” then to “Mostly-Fledged-Associate-Creative-Director” at Carton Donofrio Partners. While there, he led the work on several of the firm’s largest clients and served on the agency leadership committee. In that role, he helped restructure the agency, rewrite the creative briefs and reconsider the selections available in the Flavia machine.

In 2011, Brian fired himself from Carton Donofrio and rehired himself as a writer/creative director at his start-up company, Full Time Freelance Guy. In this position, he has worked for agencies around the world (as far away as Hong Kong) bringing joy and new business to companies everywhere. As a freelancer, Brian has worked for agencies including Droga5, AKQA, mcgarrybowen and more.

When Brian is not writing ads, he is a self-taught photographer. Which is a polite way of saying that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. But in the grand scheme of things, that’s much better for the world than if he were a self-taught neurosurgeon. He is a contributor to Getty Images, and his photos have been published in Photoshop User Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, the Baltimore Business Journal and Charleston Magazine, to name a few. On occasion he has been invited to deface the walls with his work at Jordan Faye Contemporary gallery, ICON Gallery, and The Daily Grind in Fells Point.

Brian is also an accomplished humor essayist. His writing has been politely rejected for publication by The New Yorker, This American Life, The New York Times, McSweeney’s and more. His blog, WalkAMileInMyUnderpants.com boasts seven loyal subscribers, at least six of which are not his mom.

Brian graduated from Syracuse University, where he studied Advertising, Psychology and Heavy Jackets.

He lives with his Labradoodle, Natty, his wife, Leah and his espresso machine, Luciano.

Brian has recently moved to New York and is still learning how to properly give people the finger.

3 thoughts on “About Brian Eden

  1. Vikki R. says:

    Hi Brian — I just returned from 10 weeks in Florence, Italy and discovered your blog this morning while surfing for italian pastry receipes, as I am going through painful food withdrawal and my oatmeal just doesn’t cut it any more. I’m looking for the name of the very pastry whose photo you posted. Isn’t Florence an amazing place? Well, all of Tuscany, really. I feel like I don’t need to travel anywhere else – which must be a ridiculous idea. I fell in love with Cinque Terre, and didn’t get near enough time in Venice. I figure I’ll have to go back soon just to stock up on the pastries, Lemonsoda, and Ringo cookies that I so miss! Thanks for the wonderful pictures. My blog is vikkiroyal.blog.com if you are interested.


  2. ----------- says:

    Did you go to high school in Arizona & is your Dad’s name Clovis?

  3. hearabout says:

    You are funny and earned yourself a new subscriber that is not your mum!

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