Kayak for a Cause VI

I’m going to Kayak across Long Island Sound.

At least that’s the idea. It’s 13.5 miles from Connecticut to Long Island. I’m told that as soon as I reach landfall, I’ll immediately start tawking like a lawngaylinder.

It’s for Kayak for a Cause, which is a big charity kayak thing that they advertised in GQ. Anyway, since it’s for charity, I need to get pledges. I don’t think there’s a minimum pledge amount, so if you have anything to spare, your help would be much appreciated.

Here’s the info from the website:

The insanity is a few months away. On Saturday, July 29, myself, along with 300-some other hardy, well-meaning souls will do our best Brad Pitt/”Troy” impression as we cross Long Island Sound to raise money for several charities close to our hearts. It’s the 6th annual Kayak for a Cause, where men in tiny boats load up with SPF and Powerbars in the name of good deeds. While we’re out there on the open water, dodging mosquitoes on steroids, you can do your part from the air-conditioned comfort of your home by donating at our secure site (100% of net proceeds goes to charity) I think that’s the better end of the deal.

If you’d like to help sponsor me, you can visit my very official Kayak for a Cause pledge page.

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