Segways and Darwinism

Went on a Segway Safari last Sunday. It’s run through Segs in the City, a Segway retail store on Fleet Street.

Basically, the Segway guy teaches you how to ride in the store, then you all drive around the sidewalks in a single file line. It looks pretty silly to anyone watching. It’s sort of like a line of baby ducklings following the Mommy duck. But on Segways. And wearing helmets.

It’s actually pretty fun. You lean forward to go forward. You lean backwards to go back. The handlebar turns to make you go left or right. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.

So then I got to wondering. Could this be a glimpse of the future? Are Segways the next step in evolution? Will we see a day where people stop walking and the sidewalks are filled with Segways?


Half-way through the Safari, a group of street punks on bicycles caught up with the girl at the back of the group and started ramming their bikes into her Segway. They circled her and bumped her until she fell off.

Darwin 1, Segways, 0.

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