Sticking it to the Man

I finally finished doing my taxes last night. Had dreams of getting tons of cash and rolling around in it while cackling maniacally. But my accountant said he’s filing my taxes electronically. Rolling around on my laptop while cackling maniacally just doesn’t seem the same. Regardless, I should be getting back a decent refund check. In your face, Whitey!

On Friday, we rang in St. Patrick’s day in the traditional setting: Taco Fiesta. Nothing says “Kiss me I’m Irish” like refried beans and queso.

I found some embarrassing floofy St Patrick’s Day collar thing to put on Natty at Doggie Depot. I think she was kind of pissed about it.

Natty St. Patty's Day

Until she realized what a big hit she was with all of the people eating pit beef on Canton Square. (How come nobody gave me any pit beef when I wore the thing?)

Natty Ball

The dog park was pretty crowded over the weekend. In fact, you might say that Natty had a ball. (Get it? Had a BALL? Cause she’s got a…oh nevermind)

FOOD UPDATE: Used some of the leftover cornbread to make Frank Stitt’s Cornbread Panzanella.


Sooooo good. Even with the lousy out-of-season tomatoes from Whole Foods. Took kind of awhile to make, but well worth it in the end. I had seconds. Also, thirds.

For St. Patty’s weekend, I made the traditional Red Snapper with fennel confit and tomato saffron sauce from the Balthazar cookbook.


Not only did it taste excellent, but it looked really impressive too. Which, really, is half the battle. Again, not too shabby for lousy hydroponic tomatoes.

Monday, March 20, 2006
Walk a mile in my underpants

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