Jasa Kabob in Canton is open!

At long last, there is ethnic food on Canton Square!

Jasa Kabob opened today in the former Py space with delicious grill smoke wafting out the front window. I picked up a take-out menu. Some nice looking dishes. Chicken, lamb and beef kabobs, curries, chicken and beef tikka, samosas, a few flavors of naan (one stuffed with ground beef, another with marinated potato) and daily meat and vegetarian specials for seven bucks and change.It’s a bigger menu than you’d expect for such a small space. The website isn’t live yet but it’ll be at jasakabob.com when it’s ready to go.

Most of the menu is between $8-$12. I’m planning on going tonight for a test drive. I’ll report back.

2 thoughts on “Jasa Kabob in Canton is open!

  1. Juanita says:

    Well? How was it?

  2. brian says:

    Great! Stay tuned for pictures. I just downloaded them from my camera.

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