I’m very excited to introduce A new and improved home for my blog.

Why the change? The program that I had been using for blogging, iWeb, is a collossal pain in the ass to update. (Which is why I’ve been such an absentee blogger of late).
So the blog is now powered by WordPress.

Here, I can update the blog much, much more easily and much, much more often (in theory, I can even post from my cell phone.)
And, with WordPress, the information is better organized so you’ll be able to find posts much more easily. You can browse through posts by category (Travel, humor, photography, etc), month or keywords.

Currently, you can reach the new blog directly from either or

Once I’ve successfully moved all of the archives over from the old blog site, you’ll also be able to reach it by clicking on “Blog” from So far I’m part-way through May 2006, so it might be awhile before everything is completely moved over.
I’m also still toying with the design a little. I plan to bring back some of the nice big header pictures that were in the old page design. So please bear with me.

Thanks for your patience, your comments, and your reading. This is going to be a much, much better home for WAMIMU (Walk a mile in my underpants.)

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