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Gorgeous new spot from HP

Kudos to friend-of-a-friend, Lea Ladera of Goodby Silverstein Partners, for her beautiful new HP spot, “In the Air.”  I am green with printer ink envy.

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Brian Eden performs at the Baltimore 510 Reading Series

Somehow I managed to sucker my way into the lineup of three featured readers at the Baltimore 510 Reading Series.

The 510 is Baltimore’s only dedicated fiction reading series and typically features extremely talented writers who have been published and then translated in a variety of countries like Sheepronesia and Koalastan.

On November 15, they lowered the bar and included me.

I read two essays, “A brief and unpleasant run-in with my ex” and “Fear the laundry.”

Here are videos from the performance. Enjoy.

A brief and unpleasant run-in with my ex:

Fear the laundry:

(Special thanks to Craig Strydom for filming the event.)


Natty is a wino.

Here is exclusive video of Natty’s first wine tasting.

She felt that the Pinot Noir had a distinct bouquet of black cherry and stone fruit. Smoke, and rosemary laced the bright berry flavors giving way to a delicate, almost lavendar finish. Overall, a very nice vintage.

Celebration to night, indeed.

Someone has finally posted Brian and the Eden’s music online. I can not begin to tell you how happy this makes me.

Please enjoy the musical stylings of my Euro-pop alter-ego.

Natty's Failed grooming attempt.


Natty does not like to let me brush her.

Radio Mercury Awards Video


I recently learned that I got named finalist in the Radio Mercury Awards. All finalists were asked to create a video. You can get a sneak preview of mine right here: