Buy Stock in Kleenex

I have a cold. It’s annoying. I’ve burned through enough Kleenex in two days to wipe the noses of an entire army. (assuming the army had runny noses.)

I had Campbell’s Select Chicken with rice soup for lunch. It was blah. Dinner is going to be pizza on the Boboli crust that’s been taking up room in the freezer for 4 months with the tomato sauce that’s been in there for two years. I’m fully expecting to find a frozen caveman in there someday.

Natty almost has the “lay down” command figured out. Soon we’ll be able to move on to “stay,” “heel” and “bring me a beer.” (A guy can dream.)

I got my new digital camera yesterday. It’s a Canon Digital Rebel XT. It’s great so far. Lighter than I expected. And it takes really sharp pictures. It’s gonna take awhile to learn all of the fancy shmancy features on it. But I definitely have the point and shoot setting down. Gonna be fun to play with different lenses and stuff on there. Natty is already sick of having her picture taken.


Natty biting pants

Now if only my nose would stop running on the LCD display.

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