Buns of Bread

After five or so months of grotesque laziness I finally put my ass back on the abs diet. (I also put the rest of my body on it). I’m actually re-reading the book right now in an attempt to get motivated to stick with it. The idea is to be in pretty good shape by the time kayaking season kicks off in May and (maybe) enter some races this year. The kayak for hemophilia event was a lot of fun last year and I’d like to do it again and (maybe) not come in second.

Having fun with the new camera, despite the fact that it’s been too damn cold to go out and play with it much. I took it to the dog park a few times, and tried out some of my Dad’s crazy industrial strength lenses on it on Sunday. I took his 300mm lens up on the roof deck and it’s pretty crazy how huge of a difference it makes.

Here’s the Natty Boh guy, actual distance with my old camera’s zoom lens:
Natty Boh Tower

And here it is with my Dad’s Steroid-enhanced lens:
Natty Boh Tower Close

I tried to stay in bed for 10 more minutes this morning but Natty was whining, so I let her out of her cage. Which was cool because I got to stay in bed for 10 more minutes. But not cool because, apparently, she was whining because she had to poop. Which she did all over the office floor. Maybe the 10 more minutes in bed wasn’t worth it after all.

FOOD UPDATE: I made the seared halibut with crushed potatoes and tomato, sweet and sour shallot confit from the Balthazar cookbook over the weekend. It turned out pretty well, despite the fact that I royally screwed up the sweet and sour shallot recipe and turned it into some weird burnt shallot caramel thing. Luckily, the shallot caramel loosened up when I mixed it with the tomatoes, so it didn’t taste too screwed up. Just mildly screwed up. Anyway, the crushed potatoes were a winner. A nice change of pace from mashed or baked. Next time I think I’d add chives or parsley or something. Also, I discovered I really like halibut. Don’t know that I’ve ever really cooked with it before. It’s kind of Chilean Sea-bassy but without the whole guilt-over-eating-an-almost-extinct-fish thing. Wegmans had baby artichokes for pretty cheap so I got a pack of about 8 of them. Trying to decide what to do with them before they go bad.

Finally, another gratuitous Natty picture from Sunday night:

Me and Natty

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