Spring Fever

Natty noticed birds for the first time. I can say with some degree of certainty that I run no risk of being attacked by pigeons. (Blenders, on the other hand, I’m screwed.)

Went to the zoo on Sunday. Decided that I want a goat.


Went to the dog park afterwards. A Beagle peed on my shoe. Decided that I don’t want a beagle.

The weather was perfect today, so I used a vacation day. Took Natty to Kiss Café for awhile this morning, then over to Ft. McHenry for a picnic this afternoon.

Natty Ft. McHenry

Natty Ft. McHenry

Natty Ft. McHenry

FOOD UPDATE: On Saturday, I made Jamie Oliver’s grilled tuna with mixed beans and loadsa herbs. It was terrific. And not too hard to make either. Especially if you use canned beans. (I used up some of the fresh butter beans and black eyed peas from the farmers market that have been taking up room in the freezer since September.)

Tonight I did Frank Stitt’s Grilled Strip Steak with Charred Red Onions, Corn Bread and Salsa Verde.

Stitt Steak

Fortunately, you can’t tell from the picture that I overcooked the steak. It wasn’t a total hockey puck. Just a partial one. But I think the point of the cornbread on the bottom was to catch the juices from the steak. Which doesn’t work when the steak is as juicy as my belt. (I was going to say shoe, but it just sounded wrong following the Beagle comment). Oh well. That’s what I get for grilling after dark.

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