The City that Reeds

A few weeks ago, The Daily Grind repainted the walls in the men’s room. Thus creating a blank slate for public discourse.

It didn’t take long for the first opinion to appear.

“Fuck-a-Hindu.” It stated.

Not surprisingly, someone disagreed.

“Fuck weak athiest hate banter,” he rebutted.

The next day, another urinator added to the conversation. He drew an arrow to the word “athiest” and corrected:

“It’s spelled ATHEIST.”

He underlined the word for emphasis. An unspoken “you idiot.”

With that, I thought the conversation was over. And it was, for about a week.

But this morning, someone else threw in his two cents. He drew an arrow to the spelling correction and wrote:

“Who fucking cares you pretentious ass whipe?!”

This is why I love the Daily Grind.

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