A new low for politics

If I could take a moment to be serious – last night at the Republican National Convention, the McCain camp displayed a shockingly graphic 9/11 tribute video. The tasteless images that were deliberately chosen for the tribute exploited the victims, families and anyone else who was hurt, or is still hurt by this tragedy for the sake of political gain. It was beyond inappropriate. I won’t do the dishonor of reposting the 9/11 video (you can find it on youtube if you want to watch it), but please watch Keith Olbermann’s reaction to the video. This is a new low for politics.

And the report from the Boston Globe:

ST. PAUL — One of the most enduring taboos in American politics, the airing of graphic images from the September 11 attacks in a partisan context, died today. It was nearly seven years old.

The informal prohibition, which had been occasionally threatened by political ads in recent years, was pronounced dead at approximately 7:40 CST, when a video aired before delegates at the Republican National Convention included slow-motion footage of a plane striking the World Trade Center, the towers’ subsequent collapse, and smoke emerging from the Pentagon.

The September 11 precedent was one of the few surviving campaign-season taboos. It is survived by direct comparisons of one’s opponents to Hitler.

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