Hurricane Isabel – 5 Year Anniversary

Five years ago tonight, Hurricane Isabel roared into Maryland causing extensive flooding and $820 million in damages. My neighborhood, Fells Point, was among the hardest hit.

Here is a collection of photos and videos that I took from the night of Hurricane Isabel and the next day’s flooding.

The hurricane arrived in Baltimore around 7pm on September 18th.

By 3am, the stormy weather had pretty much passed. But the worst was yet to come. In the early morning hours of September 19th, the high tide combined with the storm surge to spill over the banks of the harbor and into the streets of Baltimore. The flooding stretched as far as Light Street to the west, to the Aliceanna/Boston Street split in Canton to the east.

In Fells Point, some blocks were flooded belly-button deep.

Here are photos from Fells Point and Harbor East.

Thames Street:

Broadway Pier:

Lancaster Street (Looking West at S. Dallas St.)

Aliceanna Street (Looking West at Bond St):

S. Ann Street:

Aliceanna Street (At Wolfe Street, looking South)

Aliceanna Street (Looking West near Boston St.):

Wolfe Street (At Fell Street):

Aliceanna Street (at Caroline St)

Eisner Communications “The Boiler Room” (The Bagby Building, S. Exeter St at Fleet St)

Eisner chairs with water stains:

Thames Street, later in the afternoon after the water receded:

Mayor Martin O’Malley:

One thought on “Hurricane Isabel – 5 Year Anniversary

  1. Dad says:

    Great photojournalism. That’s something you can tell you kids about!

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