An Inspired Feat of Interior Design Genius.

As I was going through some files the other day, I came across these breathtaking shots of my old bathroom in Fells Point.

The room featured a modern design aesthetic that can only be described as “Charmin Chic.”

It was a thing to behold.

Here’s to you, Toilet Paper Bathroom. May you someday live again in glory.

Yes, even the blinds were toilet paper.

4 thoughts on “An Inspired Feat of Interior Design Genius.

  1. Leah says:

    At least you’d never run out!

  2. Ace says:

    Just passing through. Found your blog on GOB and thought it was pretty cool. Pretty interesting stuff.

  3. Lacey says:

    new reader!
    this is brilliant. i want my bathroom decorated like this. genius, my friend!

    happy eating!

  4. emailofeden says:

    thanks for reading everyone. keep coming back!

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