Ireland Days 10 & 11 – Dublin

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Here are the last of the photos from my last day and a half in Ireland.

“Weren’t you in Ireland last year?” You say.

Yes. I am just very, very, disastrously far behind in updating this blog. Apologies. Please accept these photos as consolation.

Dublin’s rowhouse doors are an icon of the city. The story goes that once upon a time, the doors were all the same color. One night, a drunkard stumbled home, climbed into bed and made love to his wife. Only, it was the wrong home. The wrong bed. And the wrong wife. Shortly thereafter, the doors of Dublin were pained different colors to avoid any further confusion.

Dinner was at the Bull and Castle Gastro-pub. I ate the Roast of the Day – Beef Roast. It came with two sides of mashed veggies. Because one side of mashed veggies is clearly not enough.

After walking around Temple Bar in the rain for a bit, I went to see The New Pornographers play at a venue called The Village.

I took a taxi to the show. There was a sign in the taxi that read “If you don’t smoke, I won’t fart.”

The traffic was pretty bad getting to the club, and the driver actually apologized for the price of the ride. Only in Ireland.

Here’s a bad photo from my phone from the New Pornographers show. They were great. A huge improvement over the Old Pornographers.

Here are some shots from Sunday:

Gorgeous coffee at Bewley’s on Grafton Street. Why didn’t I notice this place a week ago?!!?!?!?!

I made such a good impression on the Irish that, by the end of the trip, they decided to name most of Dublin in my honor.

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