Bing: When Banner Ads Go Bad

I saw this banner ad for Microsoft’s Bing on

It asked for my zodiac sign. So I entered “Cancer” and hit the little magnifying glass.

It popped up a window with the search results in Bing.

But it gave me cancer cancer. Not horoscope cancer.

Google 1, Bing 0.

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2 thoughts on “Bing: When Banner Ads Go Bad

  1. George Wood says:

    Makes me think about how you never see a”proud parent of a cancer baby” t-shirt. A proud parent of a leo baby sure, but proud parent of a cancer baby no.

  2. Rob Fletcher says:

    Too funny. They maybe should have put in a PPC campaign for the zodiac signs or something! I’m sure they (being microsoft) could have pulled some strings at Bing (which they own!) to make this thing work! geeesh!

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