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Italy Day 4 – Verona, Parma and Florence

We met our driver, Beppe, at the Plaza della Roma at 8:30 to hit the road for Florence.

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Italy Day 3 – Venice and Burano

In the morning, we went back to St. Mark’s Square (on purpose this time) to get some pictures in the daylight. That’s when I got attacked by pigeons.


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Italy Day 2 – Venice and Murano

It was a little bit rainy this morning, but not bad enough to keep us from walking around and taking 8 million more pictures.

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Italy Day 1 – Venice

The flight to Venice was pretty uneventful. Slept through most of it. But a smooth ride most of the way, with the exception of the landing at Venice’s Marco Polo airport. Apparently, the way it works is the Pilot closes his eyes and shouts “Marco!” and the traffic control tower shouts “Polo!” and the pilot has to try to figure out where the runway is. After several back-and-forths, we finally touched down. On someone’s roof.

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