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After 6 years of gazing longingly through the window and drooling, I finally ate at Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant in Philadelphia.

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San Diego, CA (March 2007)

San Diego claims to be America’s Finest City. They may very well be right. This batch of pictures is fro the first trip out there, March 28-31 2007. Stay tuned for more. Continue reading

Syracuse, NY

I left for Syracuse early on a Wednesday morning in October, filled with dread for the long drive ahead. Continue reading

Canton, Baltimore


Canton’s roots are blue collar, through and through. The neighborhood sprouted in the late 1800s to house a surge of European immigrants. Many worked factory jobs at the National Brewing Company, the American Can Company, and Bethlehem Steel. Continue reading

Industrial Baltimore


As long as I’m catching up on old photos, here’s some I took back in September. They’re from around Brewer’s Hill and the Canton industrial area. Continue reading

Honfest 2006

Here are some long overdue pics from Hampden’s HonFest 2006. The Festival was back in May. I’ve just now gotten around to going through all the pictures from it.

(For thos’yall from oudatown, Honfest is ‘zackly the kin’a festvul where you kin see Bawlmer at iss’ finess. Evrybody gets all dolldup and heads downeyavnue in Hamden. If yer ever downin bawlmer in May, you should defnully check it out, hon.) Continue reading

Boston, MA

A few weeks ago, I went to visit my friend Mark in Boston.

Or so I thought.

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After the Storm

Last Thursday there was an all out monsoon.

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Charleston 2

In a desperate effort to get up-to-date on my pictures, I’m forgoing cleverness and just posting a buttload of photos from the rest of the Charleston trip. Enjoy. Continue reading