Great Night for Kayaking

Went kayaking tonight. For a few fleeting moments, when the sun met the horizon, the light caught the water and flecked the ripples with tangerine. It looked like I was paddling through a Monet painting. Always nice to catch a glimpse of poetry in life. I need to go out in the evenings more often. Sunsets are infinitely more stunning in the reflection of the Patapsco.

Found out this morning that my friend, Michael is taking a job at JWT in NY as a creative director. I’m very psyched. In part because it’s an amazing opportunity for him and he’s gonna make a lot of noise there. In part, because now I know a creative director at JWT (good place to have contacts, just in case). And in part because maybe now I’ll actually get to see him every once and awhile when I’m in NY on production.

I also found out today the South Africa trip is officially a-go for September 10 (knock on wood). Looks like we’re gonna have a weekend free to do whatever because of some holiday down there (Thanksgiving, perhaps?). Hopefully we’ll get to go on a safari and/or see Cape Town. Gonna have to start conserving magazines for the plane ride though. I very well might spend the last 10 hours of the flight with my eyes crossed and my index finger going up and down in my lips going “beebeebeebeebeebeebeebeebee.” (Does that read AT ALL, or does that only make sense in my head?).

Lots of work to do tomorrow on Poker radio. I’d better wrap this up and hit the sack.

FOOD UPDATE: Last night I made sautéed cod with a mixed pea, corn and tomato succotash from Frank Stitt’s book. For some reason I always end up overcooking cod. (Obviously the cod’s fault.) Tonight was BBQ chicken with provencal-style green beans and cherry tomatoes. Took a stab at a watermelon smoothie after kayaking. Not bad, but I’d prefer it a bit thicker. Next time I’ll skip the milk and do just yogurt.

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