Wegmans is Coming!!!!!

I opened the food section in the paper today, and there was an ad for the grand opening of Wegman’s in Hunt Valley! Wegman’s is by far the best grocery I’ve ever been to. It’s like a combination of all the best things from Safeway, Whole Foods, and Dean and Deluca. The store opens October 2. Just in time too, because I’m starting to run low on Dinosaur BBQ sauce. And I’m completely out of NY State Fair Chicken Spiedie sauce. It’s a bit of a hike to Hunt Valley, but worth the drive for the produce department. Having Wegmans around is definitely gonna make up for the lack of farmer’s market in the winter.

Went to the gym tonight. The water was way too choppy to kayak. I’m guessing this is the remnants of Hurricane Katrina cause it was pretty windy out today. I’d been getting lazy so I’m glad I got the workout in.

Getting tired. I need to start writing these things in the morning when my brain’s not dead.

FOOD UPDATE: Made Jaime Oliver’s seared tuna with chives and ginger tonight. AMAZING. And super easy too. That one’s gonna have to be a staple. I can only imagine it would have been even better if I’d had a half decent tuna steak instead of the crap pre-frozen thing from Safeway. Next time I’m getting a decent cut from Whole Foods or Broadway Market.

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