Weekends Rule

Just made the Frank Stitt Grilled Steak with Watermelon Relish recipe that I’ve been drooling at since June. Turned out pretty good, although I could’ve picked a better watermelon (wasn’t quite ripe enough) and I think it might do better with a different cut of meat. Maybe a NY Strip or something with a little stronger punch. The flank steak was ok, but I the relish was a little strong for it. Dessert, on the other hand, was perfect. Ice cream sundae with grilled pineapples and banannas. Only thing that would have made it better would’ve been some butterscotch…

Next weeked at the Baltimore Book Festival, Bob Kinkead, John Shields, Timothy Dean and the guy from the Inn at Little Washignton are going to be speaking (or cooking?). Hopefully I can make it out to see a few of them. Guess I’ll be starting my chef-signed plate collection next week.

Going kayaking down the Jones Falls River tomorrow morning, then meeting up with the guys to watch the Ravens and Eagles games. Should be a full day. Okay I have nothing else interesting to say. Off to read.

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