Ben Folds and the BSO

Haven’t posted one of these for awhile.

Went to see Ben Folds play a concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra last night. It was really cool to see him play with the orchestra. Some of the songs seemed to lend better to the symphony than others. It added a lot to Narcolepsy and Steven’s Last Night in town. A lot of the ballads were nice too – Lullabye, Brick and Evaporated. His faster stuff (Zac and Sara, One Angry Dwarf) didn’t seem quite right with the orchestra. The mix was a little off when they got hot so they tended to drown him out and it was almost like they couldn’t keep up with the tempo. But all in all, it was a very cool show. I hope they release a CD of him playing with the orchestra.

Tonight I’m making steak, mashed potatoes, and a caponata recipe from Jamie Oliver’s new Jaime’s Italy cookbook (only available in the UK right now…of course I had to order it from Haven’t had a chance to cook much lately with working late and weekends all week. I haven’t even touched the stuff from the farmers market last sunday. Not good. This week is gonna be just as crazy with the radio record on Tuesday (and maybe Wednesday) and the Lottery presentation on Friday. Hopefully once that’s all done, things will settle down a bit.

One thought on “Ben Folds and the BSO

  1. Shaneka says:

    it was a very cool show > uhh? … and the Piano Briefs guy lol

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