Absolutely Nothing to Say

I don’t have anything to say. Just haven’t posted anything for awhile. So, I thought that I should write and let you know that I’m chewing gum right now.

It’s Trident gum. The one in the green package. It’s spearmint flavored, I think. Or maybe peppermint flavored. Definitely something in the mint range. Not the froot range. Those gums are too sweet. And they don’t do much for your breath. Other than make it smell frooty. And that’s not for me. I don’t want my breath to smell like froot. I want it to smell like spear or pepper mint.

I guess the cinnamon flavored gum is kind of a category unto itself. It’s not mint. Nor is it froot.

How come there’s no nutmeg gum? Or allspice gum? To go with the cinnamon one. Then, you could mash them all up in your mouth and it would be pumpkin pie flavored gum. You’d chew that one after you chew your turkey, cranberry and stuffing flavored gums on Thanksgiving. Provided you eat those flavored gums on Thanksgiving. I personally don’t.

But maybe that’s just me.

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