Ciao, Torino

The Olympics are coming to a close tonight. Which means no more curling until 2010. Apparently, the sport has become a lot more popular this year. In part, no doubt, because of the USA men’s team taking home the bronze medal last night.

Olympic Curling

This photo shows John Shuster and Shawn Rojeski celebrating the victory. A moment later, they missed. This was followed by awkward laughter and snorts.

In other news, Mik has a blog on myspace. It’s very funny. You should read it.

Also, Mayor O’Malley has a petition against the sale of our ports to Dubai. If you want to sign it, there’s a link on

FOOD UPDATE: The baby zucchini did not go bad! I made it for lunch today. Very good, simple recipe from the Williams Sonoma Florence cookbook. You just cut them into one-inch lengths, sautee with some garlic in olive oil until soft, then toss with salt, pepper and chopped fresh parsley. Yum. Unfortunately, still no progress on the baby artichokes. Sad to say they might go to waste. I probably won’t be cooking anything again till Tuesday.

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