Natty's Sister

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything, so I figured I should put something up.

Natty met her sister, Maggie. Who looks exactly like Natty if she got caught in an oil spill. Maggie’s smaller, and her fur isn’t quite as thick, but their faces look almost identical. Don’t you think?

Natty and Maggie

Natty an

Watched Shaun of the Dead the other night. One of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile. Wish I’d bought it instead of Netflixed it. (Can Netflix be a verb?)

In other news, it turns out Barry Bonds did steroids. Shocker.

Barry bonds

Also, rain is wet.

FOOD UPDATE: Had a meeting in DC last Monday so I headed down a bit early to grab lunch at Galileo. I had penne in a spicy tomato sauce (pictured below).

Empty plate

As you can see, it was very good. The penne was home-made (I think. At least it seemed home-made) and was cooked perfectly al dente. The tomato sauce was flecked with red pepper flakes and had some nice rustic chunks of cherry tomato mixed in. I’ll be ripping off that recipe for sure.

I made Jamie Oliver’s Spanish Roasted Chicken on Sunday night. It’s the first actual recipe that I’ve cooked for awhile. Pretty good, although I had to use Andouille sausage because Safeway sucks and they didn’t have Chorizo. Oh well. I prefer his other roast chicken recipes better anyway. This one didn’t have as much flavor in the chicken itself.

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