Brain Dead

Worked until 7:30 tonight getting the work ready for tomorrow’s poker meeting. Hopefully the client will finally pull the trigger on something. There’s only so many times you can get sent back to the well before it dries up. 743 times, to be exact.

Tonight I watched 2 episodes of Scrubs on DVD. Now, I’m gonna grab my Men’s Health and my pillow and probably wake up at 3am with a subscription card stuck to my forehead.

Tomorrow should be nice and quiet at work. I’m gonna go to the Gallery and return those sunglasses (I’ve decided they look kind of funny. Not haha funny. Bad funny.)

Okay, sleep time.

Tonight’s dinner: ground turkey tacos w/ Old El Paso taco mix (Major guilty pleasure). Bananna split with Ben and Jerry’s Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, pecans, whipped cream and two cherries (you only live once). I have DEFINITELY fallen off the work-out train. Yikes. Maybe tomorrow at lunch.

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