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The clothes make the brand.

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Sarah Palin’s brand is in trouble.

The news of her $150,000 wardrobe shopping spree is a marketer’s worst

The trouble is, Sarah Palin has built her entire campaign around her
persona. Her brand IS her approach to the issues. Ask how she is going
to address the problems of our nation and Palin will tell you that
she’s going to be a Washington outsider and she’s going to stand up
for Wasilla Main Street.

And so far, that’s been a successful positioning. Since she was
introduced in August, Palin’s brand has been selling remarkably well.
Through consistent messaging and repetition, tone and manner, catch
phrases and taglines, we can all rattle off the attributes of Palin’s
product. She’s Joe Six-pack. The little guy. The hockey mom. The hard
working everyman.

That’s where the trouble with the wardrobe comes in.

As any marketer will tell you, the packaging can be as much a part of
the brand as the product itself. So this $150,000 wardrobe is a crisis
for Sarah Palin, because it contradicts her positioning and
undermines her brand’s credibility.

You can’t stand in front of a crowd of factory workers while cloaked
in fabrics that cost more than college tuition and say, “I’m one of

You can’t be Joe Six-pack, struggling to pay the bills and make ends
meet when your outfit costs more than a year’s worth of healthcare

You can’t browbeat the Democrats for “reckless spending” during times
of economic crisis when your wardrobe costs as much as the average
small town American house.

It’s like addressing a PETA rally wearing a mink coat and alligator
wing tips. Seventy five thousand dollars at Neiman Marcus spits square
in the eye of Main Street.

You can’t say you’re blue collar in a Valentino jacket.

With this wardrobe issue, Palin has created a degree of cognitive
dissonance that few brands are able to overcome. The information has
to give even Joe the Plumber pause. Barack Obama was supposed to be
the elitist. Sarah Palin was supposed to be the one who “got us.”

As with any case of cognitive dissonance, Some Palin supporters will
dismiss the information as unimportant or trivial, or try to
rationalize it as being sexist that her appearance is even under

But for the Palin brand, the bigger problem is with those who have no
stake in her campaign. The critical undecideds whose self concepts are
unaffected by the cognitive dissonance that Pain has created.

Chances are, they’ll react the way people tend to do when a brand
loses its credibility.

They’ll simply stop buying it.

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An Inspired Feat of Interior Design Genius.

As I was going through some files the other day, I came across these breathtaking shots of my old bathroom in Fells Point.

The room featured a modern design aesthetic that can only be described as “Charmin Chic.”

It was a thing to behold.

Here’s to you, Toilet Paper Bathroom. May you someday live again in glory.

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Monday observation

It’s a fine line between “Town Crier” and “Crazy Person Who Talks To Himself In Tongues.”

The difference?

An audience.

Breaking News: Walmart Rips Off Blog For New Corporate Identity

Today, Walmart unveiled a new corportae logo and color scheme.


It looks somehwhat familiar, no?

The rounded modern typeface.

The soft blue primary color.

The yellow accent color on the icon that represents…

An asshole?

Come to think of it, maybe it is a pretty good logo.

Border Blunder

“Government watchdogs have found that thousands of people who shouldn’t have been admitted to the United States were mistakenly allowed in last year because of security lapses at legal border crossings.”

Please stay on the lookout for the following security threats:

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The Suffering Must End

Wherever there is hardship in this world, there is someone else who’s trying to help. Be it oppression or adversity. Cruelty or injustice. It seems that everyone has an advocate.

But, sadly, there’s one group whose anguish has gone overlooked for far too long:

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Don't Drink the Water

Overheard in the men’s room at Bohn’s Restaurant in Batavia, New York:

“I’m from the backwoods. We drink out of the urinals.”

The City that Reeds

A few weeks ago, The Daily Grind repainted the walls in the men’s room. Thus creating a blank slate for public discourse.

It didn’t take long for the first opinion to appear.

“Fuck-a-Hindu.” It stated.

Not surprisingly, someone disagreed.

“Fuck weak athiest hate banter,” he rebutted.

The next day, another urinator added to the conversation. He drew an arrow to the word “athiest” and corrected:

“It’s spelled ATHEIST.”

He underlined the word for emphasis. An unspoken “you idiot.”

With that, I thought the conversation was over. And it was, for about a week.

But this morning, someone else threw in his two cents. He drew an arrow to the spelling correction and wrote:

“Who fucking cares you pretentious ass whipe?!”

This is why I love the Daily Grind.

The Bar is High

I went to use the men’s room yesterday.

While I was standing there, I looked down.

There was a logo on the toilet.

It said “American Standard.”

And I thought, “That’s more fitting than they realize.”

Scenes From a Saturday Night

I took Natty for a walk to Fells Point tonight.

She pooped.

I reached into the pocket of my jeans and pulled out a wadded plastic grocery bag.

Placing my hand inside the bag, I bent down and grabbed the poop.

I pulled the bag inside out and tied the handles shut.

On the outside of the bag, it said “THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY.”

This is my life.